What Participants Say…

“Mostly strangers a few days ago, Harvest got us together, got us a little learning, a little wine, and most important of all—a chance to connect with each other. Well done Kellogg…truly grateful to you all for the lasting memory.”

“Truly lifetime memories with remarkable people and a flawlessly planned/executed first year program. Thanks to everyone for showing up authentically. The chemistry felt so easy from start to finish. Full of gratitude and feel very fortunate to have had such a terrific opportunity.”

“Really wonderfully experience, thoughtfully executed in every sense! Thank you!”

“Great job to the team and faculty for putting this together! Bravo!”

“Overall, I enjoyed the Harvest Experience immensely. I would highly recommend to a fellow alumnus after I had secured my spot!”

“Really terrific group of people who attended. It was also a great mix of academic information to make the learning worthwhile, with social and experiential activities. Flawlessly planned and executed by great staff.”

“I loved all of it. It was great to meet new alumni, enjoyed the curriculum, the fun events and loved that it was all planned. It was nice to just show up and have it all scheduled.”

“It was really such an amazing trip, and all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make things go so smoothly is truly appreciated. I would highly recommend future EMBA alumni trips to friends and absolutely consider going on another one, though I’m not sure anything can top this experience.”